The Significance of SEO in Web Design

We live in a world where we are utterly dependent on the internet for almost everything. Before buying any product we take out our phones and check out for the product we are going to buy. Just like us, there are millions of users out there who carry out searches before they make a purchase. If you happen to run a business, you must have an online presence. Without an online presence, you will be losing all your potential customers. You need to have a website which represents your company on the internet where people view your products and services.

Ranking your websites:

It is true that you need to have a website to represent your business on the internet. But what is the whole point of having a website if your customers don’t see it? Only when your website is ranked, it will appear on the top of the search page whenever a particular keyword is searched. If your website does not appear on the first page of the search engine, you can consider your website as non-existent for online users.


Adding more traffic:

Web design and SEO work hand in hand. As a business owner, you must be aware of how important SEO is in Web design. SEO adds great value to your business, and when your website is compatible with SEO, you will be able to add more traffic to your website.  You might have a brilliant website, but if it is not SEO friendly, then you are likely to lose all your online customers.  The content on your website must be readily accessible by search engines so that it will have a higher rank. To make your website SEO friendly, you would need to use many things like linking, navigation, content and other technologies.

Content and link building:

Good content is what which will rank your website on the top. Before you start designing your website, take a moment and think about what your business entails. When you provide the accurate content, you will be able to list down the keywords with which your website will be ranked. You must also make sure that you use the right words as you don’t want your site to be ranked lower due to the unethical usage of content.

Link building helps you have links which are directed from other sites which will help you to achieve a better rank. Thus, to have a quality link building and content your web design needs to be SEO compatible.


When you design a website, you must always have the customer in your mind. Think of the possible ways the user will be able to see the website you are designing and you can help them see your site only when you rank it high on the search engines.

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